Discover the Latest Gems at Pinnacle: Lamon Jewelers and Mountain High Outfitters

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As the vibrant heartbeat of our community, Pinnacle has always been at the forefront of retail excellence, offering a diverse array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. Now, in a thrilling new chapter, Pinnacle proudly welcomes two exceptional additions to its retail family: Lamon Jewelers and Mountain High Outfitters. Join us as we explore the essence and allure of these remarkable stores that have become the talk of the town!

Lamon Jewelers: Unveiling Timeless Elegance

Every momentous occasion deserves to be commemorated with a touch of elegance, and Lamon Jewelers stands ready to elevate those cherished moments with their stunning collections. This family-owned jewelry store has been a beacon of exquisite craftsmanship since its inception, spanning over five decades. Stepping into their boutique is akin to embarking on a journey of discovery, where passionate and knowledgeable staff guide you through a treasure trove of delicate necklaces, dazzling rings, and enchanting earrings. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, seeking the perfect engagement ring, or simply treating yourself, Lamon Jewelers has the perfect piece to match your desires.

Mountain High Outfitters: Embrace the Adventure

For the adventurous souls and outdoor enthusiasts, Pinnacle’s latest arrival, Mountain High Outfitters, is a paradise of high-quality outdoor gear, apparel, and accessories. Step inside, and you’ll find a haven of premium brands that have been carefully curated for the modern adventurer. Whether you’re planning a rugged hiking expedition, a thrilling rock-climbing escapade, or simply a weekend camping getaway, Mountain High Outfitters has got you covered from head to toe. Their knowledgeable staff are avid outdoor enthusiasts themselves, and they’ll gladly provide recommendations and insights to ensure you’re equipped for your next big adventure.

The arrival of Lamon Jewelers and Mountain High Outfitters at Pinnacle is a testament to the community’s commitment to offering a diverse and enriching shopping experience. Whether you’re seeking an elegant piece of jewelry to mark a special moment or gearing up for an adrenaline-fueled outdoor adventure, these new stores have quickly become indispensable gems within the retail landscape. Pay a visit to Pinnacle and immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Lamon Jewelers or unleash your inner adventurer with Mountain High Outfitters.